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Use Search to Find Things Fast


Use the search function within all areas of Muve Music to find exactly what you're looking for quickly. 
If you're looking for a song you've downloaded in My Music, press the search button on your phone to bring up the search field instantly. Or tap the search button within My Music, then tap the white box to type in your search - it could be an artist, song or album title. Hit the magnifying glass at the bottom right when you're ready and then navigate the categories below to find what you're looking for. 
You can also hit the jump button to instantly conduct the same search within Get Music. Or if you want to look for something else, tap the "x" in the search bar and enter in new text. 
Sometimes, you may want to search within Get Social to locate friends and neighbors quickly by entering their username. Or talk, instead of type: your Muve Music Android phone is equipped with voice search! Tap the microphone icon in the keyboard and speak your entry into the phone. Search complete.


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