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How to Create & Manage your Ringtones

Muve Music gives you the ability to cut your own ringtone however you want. Creating a ringtone in Muve Music is easy. From the home screen, go to My Music. Select a track and then tap the Rings action button in the Music Player. When prompted, choose "Make Ringtone." 

Now it's time to edit the song. The green bars represent the portion and length of the song that will be used as your ringtone. Pick your favorite part of the tune by using the sliders to select the starting point. Then determine the duration of the ringtone, all the way up to 30 seconds. You can preview what you've created so far and reset it to start over. Once you're happy with your custom creation, tap "create." 

Want to make it your default ring? Choose the first option. Or you can assign the ringtone to specific contacts in your address book. It's a great way to know exactly who's calling you, just based on the ringtone. 

To access and manage your ringtones later, go to Ringtones in My Music where you can change the assigned settings, edit and delete.

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