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April Muve First Artist Diggy releases exclusive Muve Sessions album

Muve First Artist Diggy has partnered with Muve Music to release a Muve Sessions album titled "Unexpected Arrival" to Muve Music subscribers before it hits any other service. Muve Music will have an exclusive on Diggy's Muve Sessions track by track commentary album to be released on April 3, 2012. Additional exclusive video will be available at with Diggy in the studio with Muve Music.


Queens' native son, Daniel "Diggy" Simmons, the son of Rev. Run of Run DMC and nephew to Russell Simmons, considered by many to be Hip-Hop Royalty, has made a name for himself as a rapper and performer. He spent many of his younger years as the charming middle son on MTV's "Run's House." With the same charm and bravado, Diggy the rapper is emerging as a super talent in the hip-hop community where he is often referred to as "the next hottest thing."


Diggy's hits like "Flow Stoopid," a freestyle track over Nas' "Made You Look," received instant co-signs from rap heavy-hitters ranging from Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West to Common, Quest Love, and Talib Kweli. "Flow Stoopid" became an instant viral sensation and marked the first time Diggy was noticed as a rapper in his own right. Diggy received the ultimate co-sign in April 2011, when XXL Magazine featured him in their "Freshman Class" issue, an issue dedicated solely to the stand out artists who have made a strong impact on the hip-hop community and who have the potential to transform their media buzz into a concrete placement in the hip-hop world. Expect more from this young talent for years to come. Today, check out Diggy online at


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