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8 Android Apps New Moms Will Love

It’s no secret that being a mom is one of the most busy and stressful jobs in the world. Owning an Android phone isn’t going to change that, but there is a wide selection of apps that can make a new mom’s life a little easier. Need an easy and inexpensive Mother’s Day gift idea? Update her phone with these essential Android apps for moms.


My Pregnancy Today


If your mom is a mom-to-be, check out My Pregnancy Today. Developed by trusted online pregnancy authority BabyCenter, this app is a must have mobile resource for expecting mothers. Enter your baby’s due date to get a dynamic daily guide to pregnancy, including information on bodily changes, fetal development, diet pointers, and general advice through your pregnancy and beyond. Among the best features of this app are the illustrated charts and diagrams which provide helpful visual references for those curious about baby’s development.


Baby Monitor


If you have a little one in the house, Baby Monitor is an ingenious app that turns your phone into a fully functional baby monitor. Just activate the app and place it near your baby’s crib. The phone keeps track of noise levels and if it detects crying or other excessive noise, it will contact you by calling another phone that you specify. You can also set it up to take a picture if the alarm goes off, giving you an instant look at what’s going on in the other room.


White Noise


It may seem strange, but a little bit of noise may actually help newborns sleep. Few people realize that the inside of a uterus is extremely loud, and white noise may help replicate conditions inside of the womb and put baby at ease. White Noise Lite is a free app that can generate number of soothing sounds including radio static, which is known to help babies sleep for longer periods of time.


Baby ESP


There’s a lot to keep track of when raising a young child. Baby ESP is an app designed to help parents from becoming overwhelmed. It’s essentially a custom organizer with a baby-centric interface that tracks naps, breast feedings, baths, and diaper changes. It’s especially helpful if someone else is temporarily watching the baby so they can know exactly what needs to be done next. As a plus, the data is easy to export for your own records or to show to a medical professional.




Famigo is like a child lock for your phone. It provides a child friendly interface that only gives access to apps that you’ve deemed appropriate, so kids can freely choose games and educational apps without surfing the net or accidentally (or purposefully) texting mommy’s boss. It also has a wish list feature that lets kids choose new apps they want that you can later decide to purchase. Just enter a special password to return to your phone’s normal functionality.


Zebra Paint and Kid’s Finger Paint


If you need a little peace and quiet, Android games can serve as the perfect diversion for children (and the young at heart). Zebra Paint is like a digital coloring book that lets kids fill-in a wide selection of charming animal scenes. It’s easy to learn and provides a creative time killer for car rides or doctor appointments. You might also try Kid’s Finger Paint app, a blank canvas with a kid-friendly interface that lets your future Picasso doodle custom creations.


Dr. Seuss’s ABC


In addition to playing games, kids love to be entertained with high quality children’s e-books. Many of Dr. Seuss’s classics have been optimized for the Android for an affordable price. Dr. Seuss’s ABC is a great way for kids to practice the alphabet with a fun, interactive component that takes advantage of the smart phone’s unique capabilities. Kids can highlight words, explore supplementary audio and illustrations that will keep them engaged and promote reading.



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