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WiFi: Getting the Most Out of Your Smartphone

WiFi: Getting the Most Out of Your Smartphone | Cricket Wireless

Your Cricket Android or Blackberry Smartphone can connect to the Internet over virtually any WiFi connection. When you connect to WiFi you may benefit from faster download speeds, so movies, games, and apps will be even better than they are now. Plus, data transferred over a WiFi connection doesn’t count toward any data usage level or allowance that may be associated with your plan. To find out how to enable a WiFi connection on your Cricket Smartphone, please visit our phone tutorials.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can my smartphone access the Internet through a WiFi connection?

All Cricket Android and Blackberry phones come with WiFi capabilities and can be used with WiFi hotspots at home, work, airports, hotels, cafes, etc.
Will using WiFi count against the data usage level or allowance associated with my rate plan?

No, the data you download through a WiFi connection doesn’t count toward any data usage level or allowance that may be associated with your plan.

Will the Internet experience on my phone be slower on WiFi?

In the majority of cases, no. WiFi bandwidth usually provides a faster speed and lower latency, permitting better experiences for content like video streaming, gaming, and web browsing, however, it is possible for WiFi hotspots to be congested and provide slower data rates.

Can I use WiFi outside of cellular coverage?

Yes, any WiFi hotspot you have access to can be used – even if it is outside of the Cricket coverage.

Will using my WiFi radio deplete my battery at a faster rate?

Not necessarily, although unfortunately there is not a simple answer to this question due to hardware differences between devices and factors such as WiFi signal strength, cellular signal strength, and the activities you perform with your device. The phone tutorials will instruct you how to turn on and off the WiFi radio on your device so you can use your experience and judgment to get the most out of your battery life.

Will I be charged for using WiFi?

You will not be charged by Cricket for WiFi use. We want you to enjoy the benefits of your WiFi enabled device! There are a growing number of public and private hotspots. Many are free, like homes, offices, restaurants, and merchants (i.e. Starbucks, McDonald’s). However there are hotspots and networks of hotspots that will prompt you for payment ahead of time to use. If you encounter one of these and do not want to pay to use it, you can always turn your WiFi off or disconnect from the hotspot and use Cricket’s nationwide coverage.

Always contact the hotspot owner/provider if you have questions or problems connecting.

Will I be able to use the Muve Music service on WiFi?

Sorry, Muve Music currently is not able to be accessed through WiFi. But don’t forget, any data used by the Muve Music services does not count towards any data usage level or allowance that may be associated with your plan!

Does WiFi pose a security risk to my device and information?

Cricket recommends only connecting to secure encrypted hotspots. If you do decide to connect to an open network, whether you trust it or not, Cricket recommends that you do not transmit any sensitive information (i.e.  usernames, passwords, credit cards, etc.) to better protect your information.

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