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Top 10 Most Visited Sites from Cell Phones

In 2010, it was estimated that there were almost 100 million unique mobile web users. Below are the 10 most popular web sites according to, a leading web analytics company.

1. Google
Google is by far the biggest search engine on the planet, and mobile web is no exception.

2. Facebook
Mobile users can use the simpler mobile version of Facebook to communicate with their friends by uploading photos, posting status updates, and doing practically everything else the standard version of Facebook allows.

3. Yahoo
People use the mobile version of Yahoo for the latest news, information, sports and Yahoo e-mail.

4. YouTube
Many smartphones have a pre-loaded mobile YouTube icon which has helped contribute to YouTube's mobile traffic.

5. Amazon
Smartphone users can visit Amazon's mobile version to shop on-the-go. The app maintains all of the important functionalities; you can search for products, browse reviews, and purchase from your phone.

6. Wikipedia
The mobile version of Wikipedia allows users to read and make edits, but videos and images cannot be uploaded using smartphones yet.

7. Twitter
Due to the simplicity of Twitter, the mobile version is almost indistinguishable from the regular version as far as functionality goes.

8. Blogger
Smartphone users can access their Blogger account and share information, news, and other content with their audience in real-time.

9. eBay
The mobile version of eBay allows users to search, track, bid on, and purchase items using their smartphones. The sellers can use their account and upload information, product description, and all the details; but photos can only be uploaded using an e-mail service, which is a downside compared to the regular eBay site.

10. Craigslist
Smartphone users can use the mobile version of Craigslist to post their ads and browse the classifieds for products and services. They can also contact the sellers and service providers through e-mail, text, or a call right from their phone.

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