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Round 4: Did You Know? 3 New Tips to Help You Save Money

Did You Know? Smart Money Saving Tips

10. Closing applications on your cell phone when not using them can improve the life of your battery. (Also, downloading a “task manager” is a useful app to manage apps running in background that may be using up battery life you didn’t know about)


11. Americans discard approximately 130 million cell phones, totaling about 65,000 tons of waste annually. Unfortunately, less than five percent of these phones are recycled. If you have an old phone to get rid of you can drop it off at a Cricket store or mail it in with a prepaid postage envelope and we’ll recycle it for you.


12. Generic prescription drugs, by law, have to be the same formula as brand names – yet usually cost less than brand names, so if given the option for your next prescription you can save extra money by choosing generic.


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