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Practical Applications for Your Cell Phone Calendar

If you’re a busy person, and you have a lot of obligations and occasions in your life, then you need to start using your cellular calendar to help you organize and maintain a busy schedule! The calendar feature on most phones is relatively simple to learn, and it’s a fabulous tool once you understand it. From sorting birthdays and work meetings, to scheduling dental appointments six months out and your daughter’s ballet recital for next week, your calendar can help.


First, from your main menu, you should find your calendar and open it. Explore the different layouts before choosing the one that feels the most intuitive to you. When you have your layout selected, take a few minutes to copy all of your most important birthdays into your calendar. Most phones are set to remind you of a birthday the morning of that birthday at nine in the morning. If you want to be reminded earlier of the event (so that you can find the right gift in time), go into your menu options and change this pre-set. After birthdays, enter regular event reminders such as anniversaries, physicals, dental appointments, and the date of your car registration.


You can also enter events to be recurring, so that you can be reminded every Monday at seven to get your son from soccer, or every Friday at six to meet the girls for a martini. Your calendar can organize all of these events, schedule separate reminder tones, and even send you an email reminder in advance if you would like. Things like your morning wake-up call, or your Saturday yoga alarm, are best kept on your alarm schedule, rather than your calendar, so that you can more easily change the alarms. However, you can also put them on your calendar so that you can see and visualize your full day.


There are several practical uses for your calendar that can help you keep track of your busy life. There is no reason to miss appointments and events when your calendar presents a simple solution. Use your calendar effectively and never miss those important occasions ever again.

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