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Maximize your Spring Break with These Android Apps

Whether you plan on living it up at the beach, tearing up the slopes, or staying at home and relaxing, everyone can agree that spring break is a magical time. To honor this amazing weeklong holiday, we’ve compiled a list of ways that Android users can utilize their smart phones to maximize their spring break. 


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Spring Break Apps Cricket Wireless 2012

Android Apps for a Good Night's Sleep

It used to be that phones would keep you up at night. Today, an Android phone can help you sleep like a baby. Turn your phone into a sleeping aid with the help of these apps and features.


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Turn your Android into a Mobile Entertainment System

Life is short, so why fill it up with dull moments waiting in traffic, standing in line, or sitting in a physician’s office? With the right apps, you can turn your Android into a mobile entertainment system.


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Turn your Android into a Mobile Entertainment System

3 Expensive Apps That Are Worth the Money

One of the best parts of owning an Android device is that there is a huge selection of useful apps available for download at little to no cost. Don't like your latest choice? No problem. Just uninstall it and try the next one.

Every now and then, a truly amazing app is created that justifies spending more than a dollar or two. If you find this hard to believe, take a look at the following apps that are worth the money.

DocumentsToGo Full Version
Price: $14.99 Sale Price
Downloads: 250,000+

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