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Instant Mobile Hotspots

Those who depend upon their wireless service can breathe easier knowing that their service will not be interrupted in big cities. The emergence of hot spots and WiFi in restaurants, city centers, libraries, and other locations, makes internet browsing on the go easier and more practical. From finding a well reviewed eatery, to locating your hotel during a business trip, hot spots can be important.


People who like accessing hot spots can appreciate innovations like the Cricket Crosswave, and other gadgets that make the world wide web more accessible. The Crosswave in particular is a great accessory for the tech savvy, because it connects up to four devices. The awesome aspect of the Crosswave is that it can standby for up to 90 hours, and function for three hours. That means that you can store it and use it whenever you’re in need. The Crosswave won’t leave you in a strange city without information and live road updates!


Mobile hot spots provide people with added memory storage, too. People who need up to 32 extra gigabytes of memory will love the Crosswave. The next time you want to capture a beautiful sunset in an unfamiliar town, to show you friends and family back home what your trip was like, you will have enough space to save brilliant, large pictures.


Business travelers will love mobile hot spots, because no matter where you are, you have instant access to every published bit of information on the web. In an intense business meeting, instantly search your email and find the missing document that is necessary. Receive notifications of new Reddit responses while shopping at the mall, or blog about the horrible road system in Dallas—you’ll always feel in touch, and ready to explore!

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