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Get Your Summer Sweat on with 7 Mobile Fitness Apps for Android

Summer is right around the corner and no doubt your beach body is in need of some extra love. However, before you consider plunking down some major change for that fancy gym membership, remember that as an Android Smartphone owner you have a virtual personal trainer in your pocket. Whether you’re looking to go from blah to bootylicious or are already a full-blown fitness fanatic, the Android Market has a fierce selection of fitness apps to promote a healthy lifestyle and provide the motivation you crave. Kick start your mobile workout regimen by downloading these fantastic fitness apps.


Instant Heart Rate Pro


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Instant Heart Rate Pro is an app that takes full advantage of Android’s impressive capabilities. To get your current heart rate, just place your finger over your phone’s camera for a few seconds while Instant Heart Rate Pro detects minor changes in color that are directly linked to your pulse. If that sounds too strange to be true, head to the Android Market and see the 43,000 five star reviews for Instant Heart Rate Pro. Use it to monitor the intensity of your workouts or as a makeshift lie detector game at parties.




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Being able to self-motivate is the hardest part about establishing a successful workout regimen. Android users will find an ally in Endomondo. Part workout buddy, part drill sergeant, Endmondo is the must have app for runners and bikers. It’s loaded with helpful features that let you plan routes, track your progress, and see how many calories you’ve burned. It even remembers past workouts so you can race against yourself. Endmondo is an extremely useful app, though you may want to skip out on the bizarre feature where it reads aloud encouraging text messages from friends while you work out.


Audio Inspiration

Android Fitness Apps

Many people like to listen to music while they work out to help them get into “the zone.” Whether you prefer to get pumped with up-tempo music like Wiz Khalifa or get into a groove with the laid back sounds of someone like Usher, Cricket’s Muve Music is a no-hassle mobile music platform that’s included as part of your plan and lets you download hundreds of songs straight to your phone. You can use Muve Music’s My DJ feature to automatically build playlists to your taste, or make your own.


If you prefer to listen to something with more of a story while you exercise, you can go with Audible’s highly rated app. Audible is the largest provider of audio books and other audio content that can distract your mind while you’re on those long runs. The audiobook of John L. Parker’s classic “Once a Runner” is a powerful motivator for even the most ardent of couch potatoes.






All Trails


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Avid hikers, or those interested in taking up a new hobby, should get AllTrails, a comprehensive mobile trail guide with over 40,000 listed hiking trails. It’s great for those that live near the mountains, but big city dwellers might be surprised to see how many hiking opportunities are hidden right in their urban backyard.


Pocket Yoga


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Yoga enthusiasts with a tight budget or schedule would do well to check out Pocket Yoga. It’s like a miniature yoga instructor. Just place it in front of your yoga mat and follow along with the audio instructions or illustrated poses that appear on screen. It even allows you to play your own music while it runs.


First Aid


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It goes without saying that safety should be among your top concerns when working out. Regardless of what your exercise of choice is, it’s a good idea to have the First Aid app installed on your phone. It comes with detailed instructions on how to best deal with everything from minor scrapes all the way up to heart attacks. It might just save your life. Bandages not included.


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