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Facebook and Mobile Devices: The Perfect Combination

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Facebook has become much more than just a way to find old friends, or a social networking site. It has become a culturally iconic way to communicate in a technological day and age. Facebook has essentially bridged the gap between fast-paced lifestyles and socializing and the creation of the Facebook mobile app has allowed even more versatility in communication.


Taking Facebook to the Next Level


Facebook apps are available for smartphones, including several different brands and operating systems, making social networking more accessible than ever before. These apps allow users to have access to many account features, including:


  • Posting updates, pictures, videos, and discussion board remarks. This is a great way to interact with Friends while on the go, or maintain a conversation when time is limited.


  • Posting Events. This is an ideal way of reminding Friends that there is an important date or event approaching.

All of these features are available through the web version of Facebook, but to have these utilities in a palm-sized mobile device could replace the need to log in to a computer. Some smartphones come with the Facebook app pre-installed, making viewing and posting a breeze.

Accessing Facebook through a mobile device is quick and easy. Users can create up-to-the-minute status updates from their phones. This can include an emotion, event, an oh-so-profound saying, or just about anything else you want to share with your Friends.

The Facebook app is a portable link to your personal life. Allowing you to stay connected, while never having to stop or slow down. If you lead a busy, on-the-go lifestyle, this app is a must have.

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