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Buttons Stuck or Not Operating? Fix It!

There’s nothing more frustrating than paying several hundred dollars more than your bank account contains for a cellular device that is supposed to bring you instant bliss, only to discover that it has issues, like sticky buttons. If your sanity relies on a cellular phone, like most people, then you need to get your sticky buttons under control before you lose your temper and toss that phone into the Piscataqua River!


First of all, if your wireless device is brand new, you may be able to return it to the store. If you suspect your sticky buttons are a manufacturer’s defect, then this is certainly the best option for you. Infrequently cell phones are distributed with buttons that have not been ‘cut,’ or divided, properly. This is resolved easily enough with a new keypad. However, if you have recently dropped a Sunkist onto your phone, then that may not be the problem at all.



If your problem is a certain gooey Cinnabon, your kid sister’s juice box, or any type of sticky item that may have come into contact with your buttons, then there is still hope for you. What you need to do is power-down your cellular device, first. Then, when you have removed the battery (and wiped away the evidence of orange soda from the exterior), take a cloth that is damp with warm water, and run it gently over the buttons. You may also need the assistance of a damp Q-tip, or a friend (for moral support).


If the problem persists after your gentle rub-down, determine if your cell phone face plate is detachable. If it is not easily removed, you may need to Google your phone’s specs in order to ascertain how to most easily remove the face plate without damaging it. Unfortunately, for some phones, this can void the warranty: check with your company before attempting this! If you can remove your face plate, then wash your key pad, and replace it. Re-assemble your phone correctly so that none of the buttons are stuck awkwardly beneath the face plate. If you’re lucky, everything will be copasetic at this point, otherwise, you may need to seek the help of a cell phone professional.

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