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BlackBerry Curve 8530 Tips & Tricks for Noobs

If you don’t know what a noob is, and this is your first Smartphone, then you’re reading the right article! Come along for a journey through the very basics of your new BlackBerry Curve 8350.


Let’s hope you know how to insert your SIM card, battery, and charger (if not, check the manufacturer’s instructions). The setup wizard should have already taken you through a checklist to help you personalize your phone a bit.


Unbelievable as it seems, many people don’t know how to unlock their Curve keyboard: holding the star key and call key for a second or two will do the trick. Another common concern of BlackBerry newbies is internet bookmarking. If you want to bookmark a site, you need to hold the ‘A’ key, and to later access the list, hold the ‘K’ key.



When it comes to photography, nothing beats a BlackBerry Curve! If you want to take a photo, touch the trackball. Then, to zoom in, press the ‘R’ key. To zoom out, you would use the ‘C’ key, and the ‘Z’ would make the image resume its original size. If you want to rotate a photo, use the ‘L’ key. Slideshows are possible on a Curve, using the ‘Space’ key to pause or resume in the middle of the show.


Making a video on the Curve is also easy, using the trackball to begin and pause or resume filming, and using the sound-off key to pause and resume the viewing of a film. If you want to restart your masterpiece, just click the ‘P’ key.


For more advanced tips and tricks for a BlackBerry Curve 8350, like how to deal with PUK issues, click this link. With a little bit of experimentation, and useful information that you can gather on the net using your Curve, you will be a Curve pro in no time!

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