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Best Android Apps For Wedding Planning

wedding planning apps

Say “I Do” to these Five Android Wedding Planning Apps


Who doesn’t love a good wedding? They signify the formation of a loving bond that brings together families and give us an excuse to celebrate with delicious food, dance ‘til you drop tunes, and old friends. While the actual event may only last a few hours, planning a wedding requires a superhuman level of organization that can drive the average person to bridezilla status. 

Luckily, Android users have a sanity saving wedding planner right in their pockets. Here’s how you can use your Android Smartphone to help plan a successful wedding.



Get Organized


There are several wedding planner checklist apps, but the best of the bunch is the adorably named Wedding Plandroid. This app is a cleanly designed mobile wedding planner guide that helps you keep track of logistical concerns like budget, invitations, and the contact info of all the vendors and venues that you’ll be working with. It also comes with a countdown to your big day (just in case you forget!). This app gets bonus points for having the cutest logo, seen below.



Keep in Touch


Personal wedding websites are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Having a central online location with all the wedding info and updates saves valuable time and energy for both the couples and the guests. Yapp takes the idea one step further by letting couples design their very own wedding app. Don’t worry, it isn’t strictly for techies only. Yapp merely provides a customizable template that you fill in with your specific wedding details. Guests can download your app and stay on top of what’s going on with your nuptials while they’re on the go. This innovative app is still in the testing phase, but you can access a beta version through Yapp’s website.


Find Deals


You’ve most likely heard of Groupon, the innovative deal-of-the-day website that has spawned a massively popular mobile app version. There’s bound to be a deal or two that you can take advantage of in the months leading up to the wedding. Online testimonials report satisfied newlyweds finding amazing Groupon deals on everything from bulk invitations to honeymoon getaways, even wedding dresses! The Groupon App makes it easy to quickly check for a relevant deal while you’re out meeting caterers or checking out venues.  


Prepare Speeches


Disastrous wedding speeches are a staple in TV and movies. Don’t let that become your reality! Most people are completely terrified of public speaking. Don’t let a family member or friend go into a speech unprepared. The Wedding Speeches app is a useful resource stocked with helpful pointers on everything from body language to what jokes to tell, but the selling point is this app’s large database of sample speeches to reference. 


Capture the Memories


Even if you hire a professional wedding photographer, it doesn’t mean that you can’t snap some pics yourself. The decorative and joyous atmosphere of a wedding is a perfect place to use Instagram, the popular social photography app that lets you share and create retro looking photos. You can pick your own vintage filters and upload your flicks to the web instantly, which will be much appreciated by friends and family who weren’t able to attend. Don’t underestimate your phone’s camera; you can produce some truly stunning shots. Who knows? Maybe you’ll forego that professional photographer altogether.




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