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The Best Android Apps

The overwhelming amount of apps available for Android OS may not amount to the iPhone App Store just yet, but already, the quality and value have been surpassed. Android users are grateful to have an operating system that caters to those who appreciate control, quality, and precision. At any given moment, the Android is developing and distributing new and creative apps, so this “Best” list is strictly based on Fall 2010 trends. Depending upon your interests, the order of this list may vary!

  • Number one for any user would have to be Google Voice, which enables you to conceal your real number, receive incoming calls in multiple locations, and over the web. iPhone rejected this extraordinary app, which is already a must for businesspeople.


  • Amazon Kindle enables nerds to be themselves, providing instant access to books they like.


  • Tripit helps travelers to organize and save confirmation numbers, details, and phone numbers for multiple destinations.


  • The ever-addictive FCC Speedtest is available from any location for Android, so that users can figure out a current bandwidth before clicking ‘download.’


  • Everyone loves the app Gist, which collects every contact list from any device, and creates a master list.


  • A personal favorite for music gurus is Shazam, which identifies playing music within 15 seconds, so that you’ll never be left wonder what that great song was, ever again!


  • The nerdiest app of all, but the most impressive, is Google Sky Map: it allows you to photograph the sky and identify constellations and history about them.


  • For those of you who are app experts, and over-downloaders, the Advanced Task Killer is a save-all. Just tap it once, and it closes every open app, so that your performance is boosted immediately.

Whatever a person wants to do with his or her Android is possible, or will be soon, as Google Goggles and other innovations have proved. From identifying objects in photographs, to constellations in a dark sky, Android apps can make your phone an invaluable resource.

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