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Automate Tasks and Functions on Your Android Phone


If you wish your mobile phone could provide more features than the standard calls, emails and text message you currently receive, it may be time to upgrade to a smartphone. These phones can provide a wide range of services, from gaming applications to essential business tools, and are quickly becoming popular with many people. You can customize many phones to perform certain tasks automatically, saving you time and leaving you free to enjoy other activities. Google's Androidâ„¢ phone is one such model that can be automated and this article will look at some of the functions and tasks you can automate on your handset.

Streamline the Basics

Android phones can be automated in a number of ways. Individual app settings can be changed on the phone in order to give them a longer timeframe to screen out. Additionally, these phones can be changed to work at different times throughout the day, programming music or other files to play at set intervals. You can even alter your call settings so that when a certain contact rings you, a specific song plays and the volume can be louder or softer as you prefer.


Read Text Messages Aloud

We've all been there - in the middle of a complicated task with your hands are full, like cooking, and you receive a text message. The immediate reaction is to check your phone, although if you're doing something like driving, this can be extremely dangerous. One way around this problem is by commanding your phone to read out incoming text messages aloud. You can choose contacts whose text messages you want read and you can even stipulate the conditions in which you want to hear texts, for example, if your USB is plugged in or the phone is docked.


Automate Your Music Options

Music streaming services and downloadable options for playing music are one of the biggest draws for people using a smartphone. If you choose an Android model, you can also customize your phone to bring up your music players automatically when you plug in your headphones. If you have a set playlist, you can select this to begin playing automatically as well.

Change Your Phone's Performance at Night

Another benefit of having an Android smartphone is the ability to alter its nighttime activity in order to save battery life. By changing the times that your phone accesses its WiFi data, you will be able to ensure that you receive any urgent messages or emails, without draining your phone's battery. You can manually alter the intervals when your phone checks for new data, as well as the length of your sleep pattern.


Smartphones are the latest in mobile technology. Google's Android model not only offers many of the benefits that other phones provide, but can be customized to optimize efficiency for each individual. By automating your Android's functions, you will ensure that your phone works perfectly for your needs.

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