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5 Tips for the LG Optimus C

LG Optimus C

LG Optimus C Features and Functions


The LG Optimus C is proof that fashion and style does not have to be sacrificed for functionality. It simply comes with all the bells and whistles, and looks good doing it.

It runs on the Android OS, which means that you have thousands of Android apps to choose from for your customization needs. The Optimus C has a battery that can handle approximately seven hours of talk time, with nearly 14 day of standby time. This phone also features a three megapixel camera, GPS, video options, memory card slots, and an audio jack. The functionality of this device is comparable to other touch screen and smartphones, with screen responsiveness and download speeds being just as fast as major competitors.


Quick-Start Guide for Using your LG Optimus C


If you’re the proud owner of a new LG Optimus C from Cricket, here are a few pieces of advice to help give you a jumpstart to using your phone.

1. The touch screen makes apps, internet, gaming, and music a quick touch away. The high speed of the phone allows users near-zero delay time when requesting applications. Don't hesitate to explore resource-intensive applications.

2. The screen resolution makes pictures, games, and videos come to life. The 3.2 MP camera and video options provide true to life images that are then easily emailed and shared. See something that looks amazing? Take a snapshot and share it using social networking applications.

3. Sleek home screen options allow you to easily organize and personalize your home screen. Be sure to customize your home page for maximum efficiency.

4. Bluetooth capabilities enable ease of handling while remaining hands free, so be sure to pick up a headset to accompany this device.

5. Organizing and downloading apps is as simple as touching the screen. Choosing from the thousands of great applications available may not be so simple. But be sure to browse the app market for both paid and free apps.

The new LG Optimus C is a fantastic product for those that want a phone that provides the memory, speed, and overall functionality needed while maintaining a sleek look. Play music, movies, or text internationally on a phone that's becoming widely regarded as the big-deal innovation by LG.

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