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3 Must-Have Apps for Social Butterflies

Social Media Apps

Mobile phone technology lends itself to social networking better than any other online activity. What good is finding the hot new club with your GPS if you can’t share it with your friends?


Android apps let you view and update your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so there's no need to wait until you get home to manage your account. To use the full power of social networking on-the-go, every social butterfly must have at least one of these three apps.

1.Tweetcaster Pro
User Rating: 5 Stars
Price: Free
Installs: 1,000,000+

Over 100,000 people on the Android Market have given Tweetcaster pro a 5 star rating, making it far more popular than the officlal Twitter app. Tweetcaster Pro is known for having more built-in functionality than any other app on the market, free and paid included. It includes these features:

  • Zip It - This feature allows you to ignore users or trending topics without unfollowing anyone


  • Color Coding - Color codes your tweets and mentions for better organization


  • Multiple Widgets – Assigns a different widget to each of your Twitter accounts to keep them straight


  • Twitlonger - Extends your message past the default 140-character limit


  • Conversation View - Organizes Tweets in a meaningful order


  • Facebook Integration - Posts to both Facebook and Twitter at the same time

2. Seesmic
User Rating: 5 Stars
Price: Free
Installs: 500,000+

For most social network mavens, Seesmic is a one-stop-shop for all social networking needs. Instead of crowding your phone with an app for each community, you can use this single program to manage all your accounts. It works with Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Salesforce Chatter, and even lets you share videos on YouTube straight from your phone. Additional Seesmic features include:


  • Picture, video, and location sharing


  • Message notifications


  • Message and site search


  • Automatic updates


  • Preview functionality with Google Buzz


  • Multiple shortcut features

The all-in-one capabilities makes this the perfect Android app for those who use multiple social networks. While several apps work with both Facebook and Twitter, no other app supports the same range of social networking sites as Seesmic.

3. Droidin
User Rating: 4 Stars
Price: Free
Installs: 100,000+

Although LinkedIn is used primarily for professional contacts, this social networking platform continues to grow in popularity. Droidin is a third-party app that improves upon the basic features offered by the official LinkedIn app.  Droidin includes these features:

  • Invitation management - viewing, sending, accepting, and declining


  • Ability to respond to messages


  • Automatic updates


  • Option to mute selected updates


  • Keyword and contact search


  • Ability to save and recover drafts


  • Ability to post comments or like entries

By adding one or more of these Android apps to your smartphone, you'll be constantly connected to your favorite social network.

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