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3 Expensive Apps That Are Worth the Money

One of the best parts of owning an Android device is that there is a huge selection of useful apps available for download at little to no cost. Don't like your latest choice? No problem. Just uninstall it and try the next one.

Every now and then, a truly amazing app is created that justifies spending more than a dollar or two. If you find this hard to believe, take a look at the following apps that are worth the money.

DocumentsToGo Full Version
Price: $14.99 Sale Price
Downloads: 250,000+

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are the gold standard of electronic documents. With the full version of DocumentsToGo, you can not only view files in these formats, but create and edit them as well. Additional features include the ability to view PDF files, password protection and Google Docs support. With bi-directional capabilities, files sync easily between your Android and your computer. Students, business professionals and most other users will get much more than their money's worth out of this useful app.

MyBackup Pro
Price: $4.99
Downloads: 50,000+

If you've ever lost or damaged a phone without a backup, you know how hard it can be to recover your data. MyBackup Pro takes care of this for you. Run this backup app manually or on a schedule to save your contact list, photos, calendar, text messages and more to an SD card or an online server. View your data online or use it to restore a new or old phone.


Price: $19.99/year
Downloads: 250,000+

WaveSecure, developed by security icon McAfee, does more than just protect your personal information; it can help find your lost phone. Next time your mobile device turns up missing, you'll agree that a mere 20 bucks a year is well worth the price for these features:


  • Cloud-based backups


  • GPS phone tracking


  • Text message if the SIM card is changed


  • Remote phone locking and data wiping


  • Easy, web-based data restores

It’s helpful to think that having these apps make your cell phone comparable to devices that are much more pricey. If you need to view documents, backup your data, or secure your phone, these apps could be well worth the price tag.

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