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how do broadband plans work?

Cricket Broadband Mobile Data Plans give you the freedom to connect to the Internet on the move with no contracts to sign.

There's a Cricket Broadband Plan that's right for everyone. From light to heavy users, Cricket offers a variety of mobile data plans based on your individual data usage needs and budget.

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4G LTE service is only available in select LTE coverage areas. To use the service in those areas you need a Cricket 4G LTE device and a 4G LTE rate plan.

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Above are examples of the type of content suitable for each data allowance. Regardless of content type, rate plans have a Full-Speed Data allowance. You get full speed up to that data allowance. Once you exceed it, your speeds will be reduced for the remainder of your paid month. See
We do not recommend Cricket Broadband as a home wired internet replacement. The speeds and amount of data usage offered by most home internet providers is significantly higher.
Coverage varies by market. Please see our coverage maps for detailed coverage available in your area.