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Unlimited International and Long Distance Calling

Unlimited International Long Distance

Keep in touch with friends and family all over the world. With this new unlimited feature, you will be able to make unlimited calls to landlines in select cities and towns in more than 90 countries (including unlimited calls to landlines in Mexico).

Already have Cricket? It's easy to add:

2. Click "Add New Feature" on the right.
3. Select Unlimited International Long Distance     from the available feature list.

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Check number availability

To determine if Unlimited International Long Distance is available for the destination telephone number you wish to call, simply enter the telephone number in the search box below and click the search button.


Enter your destination telephone number in the search box below using the following format:
011 + country code + city code + phone number (Ex: 011 52551234567)

For calls to the US, Canada, or the Caribbean please enter in the following format:
1 + area code + phone number (Ex: 1 78712345678)

Service is limited to landline telephone numbers as well as certain geographic regions of cities and towns within a particular country. The list of destination telephone numbers is subject to change without notice. The service is for individual use only and may only be used for person-to-person communication. See Cricket Terms and Conditions of Service for additional restrictions.