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What is Topping-Up?

Topping-up is how you pay. When you top-up, you're adding funds to your account - you can add funds with a PIN, or you can add funds directly to your account. As you use your service, your account balance will be decreased. If you don't top-up before you use your funds, you may not have funds available when you want to use service. If you don't top-up before your account expiration date, your account will expire and you'll lose any funds still in your account. You have 60 days to top-up after account expiration, or your account will be canceled and you'll lose your phone number. Remember - it's important to top-up!

How to Top-Up

There are several ways you can top-up to keep talking.

Auto Top-Up

Make it a no-brainer by enrolling today in auto top-up, which automatically adds funds to your account each month. Or if you decide later that you want to enroll, call Customer Service at 1-800-CRICKET.

Cards and PINs

You can buy top-up cards and PINs at many Cricket PAYGo locations. Top-up cards and PINs are available in values ranging from $10 to $65, depending on retailer and region. Find a store

On your Phone

You can also use *PAY (*729) to top-up with your credit or debit card.


Some Cricket PAYGo locations don't have top-up cards or PINs. At these locations, you can add funds directly to your account without using a PIN. You can top-up your account with amounts as little as $1 and as much as $300. Depending on the Cricket PAYGo location, you can pay with cash, check, credit card, or debit card. Find a store

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Why Top-Up?

Keep your services going. Because plans are pay-as-you-go, you have to top-up your Cricket PAYGo account balance in order to have funds available to use Cricket PAYGo services.

Keep your account active. Topping-up also extends your Cricket PAYGo account expiration date, which applies to all funds in your Cricket PAYGo account. When you top-up, your account expiration date is reset to 60 days from the date of your most recent top-up or the last date your access fee was charged to your account. If you don't top-up before your account expiration date, you lose any funds remaining in your account.

Keep your Cricket phone number. After your account expiration date you have 60 days to top up your account before your service and account are terminated, and you lose your Cricket PAYGo phone number.


When to Top-Up

When you don't have enough funds in your account for the service you want to use, you will need to top-up. For instance, if you have the $25/month plan, but your account has less than $25 in it, you'll need to top-up before you can use your phone once a new month begins.

You'll also want to top-up when your account is nearing expiration so you don't lose any funds in your account. You don't have to wait until the last minute. Top-up any time you like.

No surprises! When your account has less than $5 in it, or fewer than five days left, you'll be reminded to top-up. You will hear this announcement when you make your first outgoing call each day and before any charged call (e.g., roaming or 411).

To check your account balance and account expiration date at any time, go to My Account in the web browser on your phone, or dial *PAY (*729).

read the Cricket PAYGo FAQs about topping-up

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