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Compare Cricket to the competition and you'll see there's no comparison. If you take the time to look around at the various options you have for mobile phone service, you'll quickly see something pretty obvious: There's the Cricket way, and then there's everyone else.

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Do a competitive comparison between us and those other guys and we're sure you'll agree that our way is better.

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Wherever you go, Cricket's got you covered. Cricket now covers 277 million people!

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Cricket has a mobile plan for every budget, whether you're a big talker, an expert texter or a data downloader. Choose the plan fits you best.


no contracts

We don't need to lock you in with a contract. We're confident that you'll love Cricket and will want to stay, even if you don't have to.


high-quality, all-digital network

Just like all the major cellular carriers in the U.S., Cricket has our own high-quality, all-digital network. So you can be sure your conversations are going to be crystal clear. Learn more about our technology.


coverage where you want to be

Cricket Wireless covers almost the entire continental United States and parts of Canada as well. See our detailed coverage map. coverage map.

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