Thinking of Changing Cell Phone Carriers?

Cricket's no contract, no hidden fees plans sound pretty appealing, right? Especially if you're currently with another carrier. But if you're like many people, you may be worried about actually changing phone carriers. You're probably wondering how to get out of your cell phone contract. Will you need to change your phone number? Will there be a penalty?
Here are the answers to some of the top questions you may have - and tips for switching to Cricket Wireless today...
YES! You can transfer your number to your new Cricket phone at NO additional cost.
Just remember to keep your service active with your current provider before you switch to keep your number.
Unfortunately, we can't get you out of your current contract but check out our
Plan Comparison Chart and you might find that you'll still save money with Cricket, even after paying an early termination fee with your current provider.
YES! All phones purchased from our website have free UPS Overnight Shipping!
Orders placed before 3pm ship next day. Shipping method varies by shipping location
(PO box gets 5 - 7 day).
30 Day Return and No Contracts with Cricket Wireless
We offer an easy, 30-day return policy and with no contracts and commitments, you
have nothing to lose. Take a look at our Shop section and choose from our wide selection
of cell phones, monthly plans and pre-paid plans.