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As part of Cricket's commitment to provide exceptional service, your wireless handset protection program will change on October 1, 2012 and will be provided by eSecuritel, a leading provider of cell phone protection and replacement programs. eSecuritel and its insurers, Zurich American Insurance Company and Dealers Assurance Company, will continue to provide the same valuable service you've come to expect and there will be no disruption in service.
Your premium, deductible, and coverage will remain the same.*
If you incur any damage, malfunction or loss prior to October 1, 2012, please contact your current insurance provider, or visit any Cricket Wireless store location.
To thank our customers for their loyalty, all current handset protection customers will have their claim history reset to zero at the time of transition.  And in addition to coverage against accidental damage, loss or theft, you will receive, at no additional charge, mobile security benefits including but not limited to virus protection, remote wipe and lock, and privacy protection. 

If you have any questions, please call 800-274-2538 or visit any Cricket store location.
If you would prefer to continue the service contract part of your current handset protection program with Assurant, please visit any Cricket store location to cancel the handset protection program monthly charge, and then contact Assurant at 866-217-5787 to setup a direct payment method, as it will no longer be part of your monthly Cricket service.   Please note that you will no longer receive insurance coverage under a group policy issued to Cricket. Accordingly, you will have no coverage for loss, theft or accidental damage.
*A small number of customers will experience an increase of $0.05 in premium.

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