Local Number

What is it?

Cricket is bringing your world closer. Add Mexico or Cricket Local Number to your plan and you will be assigned an international local number for family and friends to dial. This number will be automatically forwarded to your Cricket phone. You'll receive unlimited incoming calls from your family and they'll get the freedom to talk as much as they want without expensive international long distance charges.

Mexico - Loved ones in Mexico?

Then choose a Mexico Local Number from one of the many eligible cities in Mexico and in the U.S. The money your friends and family will save on international long distance charges is worth talking about.

Need to communicate across continents?

Choose a Global Local Number in one of the many eligible cities around the world (including Mexico & US). No international long distance charges for you or them.

Get the best of both worlds!

The Global Plus Bundle includes a Global Local Number for unlimited incoming international calls, plus 500 international landline minutes and 30 international mobile minutes for outgoing calls.

Interested in Cricket Local Number

Cricket Local Number is available as an additional feature with any Cricket Wireless plan of your choice.

Simply follow these steps to add Cricket Local Number today:

Click here to Sign in to MyAccount
Click "Add New Feature" on the right.
Select Mexico Local Number, Global Local Number, or Global Plus Bundle from the available features list.
Checkout & Enjoy!
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