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Cricket Navigator

Cricket Navigator

Cricket Navigator is a downloadable application that turns your handset into a powerful GPS navigation tool with audible turn-by-turn driving directions, local search and maps—just like an advanced GPS navigation system but at a fraction of the cost. And it’s all in your phone!

Cricket Navigator gives you audible, turn-by-turn directions to any destination, along with detours if traffic’s heavy, and re-routing if you miss a turn. You can perform a local search by business category, address, intersection or airport code and then call found locations with a press of the send key! Cricket Navigator points out landmarks along your route, like restaurants, gas stations (with prices) and more. Color 3D maps with pan and zoom options show you where you are, at any given moment.

• Voice Prompted Turn-by-Turn Guidance
• Traffic Avoidance and Detour Previews
• Dashboard, Birdseye (3D), and Top (2D) Views
• Hyper-Local Search for Movies and Events
• Weather Forecasts & Gas Prices

How to buy:

  • From your phone's main menu, select Games & Apps or Cricket Clicks icon. From here you are able to shop available games and applications as well as view and use previously downloaded applications.
  • Select Games & Apps or Cricket Clicks again to enter the catalog. Select the category and then game or application you would like to purchase.
  • You must pre-pay for Flex Bucket services to make a download purchase. To pre-purchase Flex Bucket services dial *PAY (*729), 1-800-CRICKET or log in and pre-purchase Flex Bucket funds online.
  • Can't access the catalog? Visit your local Full Service Cricket Store to add Games & Applications. Or log into your Cricket account and add Games & Apps online.
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