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Connecting with Friends Using Get Social

Get Social is all about connecting with friends and other Muve Music users. You can check out their music collections to find new songs and share what's on your phone, too. 

First, open Get Social from the Muve Music home screen. At the top, you'll see your friends' and neighbors' profile photos. My Friends contains all of the friends you've added. You can search for more friends using their usernames and add them to your network. 

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Share Your Favorite Songs with Shout

Shout is an easy way to share the music you love with your friends and neighbors. 


If you're listening to a song and think your friends would like it too, you can Shout from the Music Player by tapping the Shout action button. 

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How to Create & Manage your Ringtones

Muve Music gives you the ability to cut your own ringtone however you want. Creating a ringtone in Muve Music is easy. From the home screen, go to My Music. Select a track and then tap the Rings action button in the Music Player. When prompted, choose "Make Ringtone." 

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How to Create & Manage your Ringback Tones

You get unlimited ringback tones with Muve Music - here's how to use them. 

A ringback tone is a song that a caller hears when they're waiting for you to answer the phone. To create one, select a track and then tap the Rings action button in the Music Player. When prompted, choose "Get Ringback tone." The ringback tone is now saved to My Music. 

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Discover New Music with My DJ

My DJ helps you discover new music by creating playlists for you and adding them directly to your music collection. 

From the Muve Music home screen, tap My DJ. Browse through the available categories to find one that interests you. Within each category are tons of playlists, already created for you! You can download individual songs from the playlist or make a ringtone or ringback tone. But if you're digging the whole playlist, tap "subscribe." 

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