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How To: Muve Music

How to Create & Manage your Ringback Tones

You get unlimited ringback tones with Muve Music - here's how to use them. 

A ringback tone is a song that a caller hears when they're waiting for you to answer the phone. To create one, select a track and then tap the Rings action button in the Music Player. When prompted, choose "Get Ringback tone." The ringback tone is now saved to My Music. 

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Discover New Music with My DJ

My DJ helps you discover new music by creating playlists for you and adding them directly to your music collection. 

From the Muve Music home screen, tap My DJ. Browse through the available categories to find one that interests you. Within each category are tons of playlists, already created for you! You can download individual songs from the playlist or make a ringtone or ringback tone. But if you're digging the whole playlist, tap "subscribe." 

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Instantly Identify & Download Songs with Shazam™

Next time you hear a song on the radio or at the club, you've got the ultimate tool to help you identify it. Check out Shazam, which you can access from the Muve Music home screen. Just tap the icon and it instantly analyzes the song and displays the details if a match is found. Then with one touch, you can download the track or even the entire album! 

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Manage Your Settings

From the Muve Music home screen, tap Settings in the lower right-hand corner. 

Muve Music automatically backs up your music, so if something happens you can get back to it easily. Use the synchronization section if you want to manually backup or restore your music. If you're upgrading to another Muve Music phone, press "copy music to card" and all of your music will be queued for download. 

The Social Setting section allows you to change your Get Social profile picture. You can take a new photo or upload an existing one. 

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Never Miss a Beat - Overview

Life moves to a beat and now your music can move with it like never before.

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