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How To: Muve Music

How to use Super Play

Want to make a great playlist on the fly? Super Play gives you total control over your music playback experience by allowing you to select multiple songs and add them to your Music Player queue. 

From a list of tracks, select Super Play from the bottom right corner. Tap on the songs you want to add and then hit "done." You'll have the option to play those songs now, play them after the song you're already listening to wraps up, add them to the end of your queue, or replace your current queue all together. 

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How to Create a Playlist

Creating and managing your playlists has never been easier. Do it all straight from your phone with Muve Music. 

First, go to My Music and browse through your library. Tap the playlist action button at the bottom of the screen, and select the songs you'd like to add. Hit "done." Then, tap "create new playlist" and type in the name. Your playlist has now been saved to My Music, under the Playlist category. If you want to add songs later, tap "playlist" again, select your additional songs and then choose the existing playlist you want to add them to. 

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Connecting with Friends Using Get Social

Get Social is all about connecting with friends and other Muve Music users. You can check out their music collections to find new songs and share what's on your phone, too. 

First, open Get Social from the Muve Music home screen. At the top, you'll see your friends' and neighbors' profile photos. My Friends contains all of the friends you've added. You can search for more friends using their usernames and add them to your network. 

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Share Your Favorite Songs with Shout

Shout is an easy way to share the music you love with your friends and neighbors. 


If you're listening to a song and think your friends would like it too, you can Shout from the Music Player by tapping the Shout action button. 

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How to Create & Manage your Ringtones

Muve Music gives you the ability to cut your own ringtone however you want. Creating a ringtone in Muve Music is easy. From the home screen, go to My Music. Select a track and then tap the Rings action button in the Music Player. When prompted, choose "Make Ringtone." 

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