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How to play Music from the Music Player

The Music Player is where you control the music you are listening to. You can get to the Music Player several ways—from the Muve Music home screen, by pressing the Android menu button on your phone, or by tapping a song in My Music. If your phone has a Muve Music hard key, you can tap the button to get to the player when music is playing. 

When you select a single song, it opens up the Music Player and begins playing that song. Within the Music Player, you can play the song, pause, skip forward or go back. Tap the Play Queue in the upper right hand corner to view all the songs in your queue, with the option to shuffle the play order or loop it. You also have the option to remove a song, add it to a playlist, Shout it, or even cut it into a ringtone. 

So many songs, so little time. Better start listening.

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