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Getting Started With Muve Music

Welcome to Muve Music—the first complete music experience created for a phone. You've got unlimited song downloads, ringtones and ringback tones at your fingertips. Let's go over the basics, so you can get busy downloading.

In Get Music, you'll find millions of songs ready for you to search, explore and download. You can also discover new music through the promotional banners, which highlight new releases and Muve Music exclusives. Browse lists curated by music experts, or search for your favorite music.

Once you've downloaded the music you love, My Music automatically organizes it for you. Search your library, create playlists, cut ringtones and much more. Then listen to your music in the Music Player with complete control.

If you're looking for new song suggestions, look no further than My DJ, which automatically creates playlists for you and adds them to your My Music library. Hear a song on the radio or in the club that you like? Press Shazam™ to instantly identify and download it. When you find a song worth sharing, use Get Social to tell your friends and other Muve Music users.

If you need to adjust your settings, one touch will get you there. And of course, the help button is never far away.


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