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Getting Around Muve Music

Getting around Muve Music is easy. Here are some quick tips on how to move around the service like a pro.

To open Muve Music, tap the Muve Music icon on your phone's home screen. Or if your phone has it, press & hold the Muve Music hard key on the side to access the Home Screen or tap the button to go to the Player.

You will then see the home screen of Muve Music. No matter where you are within the application, you can easily return to this home screen using the Android menu button as a shortcut. Press once for the option to go home or to the Music Player. Press and hold to jump straight to the home screen.

There are four main sections of Muve Music — My Music, Get Music, My DJ, and Get Social. Each screen has a header to let you know where you are. As you get deeper into the section, tap the icon on the top left to navigate to the start of whichever section you're in. You can also tap the up arrow in the header to move to the previous level, one by one. Or press and hold the arrow to view where you are in the menu.

The jump button lets you make the switch between My Music and Get Music. It's an easy way to complete album or artist collections with just a few clicks. Once you're ready to listen to some songs, head to the Music Player, where you can play, pause, skip and repeat songs. If you're looking for something in particular, use the search function to locate it quickly. You can also press the Search key on your Android phone to instantly access Search.


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