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Connecting with Friends Using Get Social

Get Social is all about connecting with friends and other Muve Music users. You can check out their music collections to find new songs and share what's on your phone, too. 

First, open Get Social from the Muve Music home screen. At the top, you'll see your friends' and neighbors' profile photos. My Friends contains all of the friends you've added. You can search for more friends using their usernames and add them to your network. 

In the My Neighbors section, you'll find other Muve Music users who are automatically suggested based on your geographic location. 

All of the Shouts you give and receive live in My Shout Box, so you can easily keep track of all the chatter. 
Additionally, you can view your own profile and browse your friends' profiles by selecting "My Profile," then tapping a friend from the icons above to bring up a profile. 

A Muve Music profile is packed with things to explore. At the top, you'll see their most recent Shout, along with thumbnail photos of their friends and neighbors. The music section allows you to browse through their collection, which is a great way to discover new artists. You can also check out the collections of their friends and neighbors to see what they have on repeat. Send a personal Shout and add them to your friends, if you aren't connected already. 

Music has always had the power to bring people together. And now with Muve Music, your phone can too.

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