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The Next: Week Six Los Angeles Sing-Off

Congratulations to Krystle for her winning performance in singing Jessie J's hit “Mamma Knows Best” during week 6 of The Next in Los Angeles.


The four mentors worked with their local contestants: Jeremy, Krystle, Tilky and Angela. Joe Jonas helped transform Jeremy into a star. Nelly made Krystle change her song to better showcase her vocal ability. John Rich helped Tilky forget about his boy-band past. Gloria Estefan helped Angela break out of the coffee house circuit. The four local contestants performed their best at the Orpheum Theatre.


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The Contestants

Jeremy Crooks

Age: 21 Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Jeremy is a singer/songwriter who grew up exposed to all genre of music - from the classic standards popularized by Frank Sinatra to the Motown sounds of the 60's to today’s artists. He started singing and dancing at an early age of 3.  In 2010, Jeremy’s YouTube dance video to Usher’s OMG went viral, and he received national attention when he appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” not once but twice that season.  He has almost 3 million views on YouTube and has performed in several key venues around Southern California.


Mentor: Joe Jonas


Krystle Cruz

Age:24 Hometown: San Diego, CA

Krystle is a voice teacher by day and also performs throughout Southern California, averaging 2-3 shows a month.  She has over 1.6 million views on her online video channel.  She recently sang “God Bless America” at a Dodgers game.   As a former competitive dancer, Krystle has continued to dance for herself and also to incorporate into her videos.  She is a frequent and featured artist for the Asian American television network Mix TV.  As a San Diego native, Krystle has recently begun splitting her time between Los Angeles and San Diego to further her music career.


Mentor: Nelly


Tilky Jones

Age: 30 Hometown: Charleston, SC

Tilky started performing at a young age in musical theater.  He got a taste of international fame when he became a member of the boy band Take5.  All during his adolescent years, Tilky recorded and performed with Take5 around the world.  The band had Gold and Platinum records.  After his stint with Take5, he stepped away from the industry for a while, but now Tilky has returned to his first love, music.  He now performs around Los Angeles area with his own band and is building his online fan base.  Tilky is also an actor and has had roles on “Pretty Little Liars”, “One Tree Hill”, and “Single Ladies”. 


Mentor: John Rich


Angela Mukul

Age: 22 Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA

Angela grew up helping out at her parent’s coffee house and eventually started singing there.  With her guitar, Angela is a familiar sight now at several venues around the Southern California area.  In LA, her recent shows include Molly Malone’s, Genghis Cohen, and Room 5.   Angela was a demo singer for Jewel and has sung background vocals for Zebrahead, Death by Stereo, and Nude.  She’s recently recorded three original songs.  While she works toward building her music career, Krystle works two serving jobs at two different restaurants to pay the bills.


Mentor: Gloria Estefan