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The Next: Week Three - New York Sing-Off

Check out the winning performance from Ali Brustofski singing Miley Cyrus’ song “When I Look At You” during Week 3 of The Next in New York City.


During Week 3, the four mentors worked with their local contestants: David, Frankie, Ali and Baiyu. John Rich rode a horse through Harlem and surprised David. Joe Jonas met Frankie’s big Italian family. Gloria Estefan surprised Ali at a nail salon. Nelly helped Baiyu work on her wardrobe and cleaned out her closet.

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The Contestants


Age: 28 Hometown: New York, NY

Baiyu works in advertising during the day and moonlights as a performer.  She performs in venues all around New York City with her band.  Baiyu VJ’d at MTVU for 2 ½ years while attending college at Princeton.  She has 1.5 million views on YouTube of her original song “Take a Number”.


In Week 3 Baiyu was mentored by Nelly and performed Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie.





Age: 21 Hometown: New York, NY

A-Wall survived a brain tumor at age 15 and started writing songs when he was 16.  He can pick up and play any instrument.  A-Wall has composed music for the Philadelphia Philharmonic and has written songs for major artists like R. Kelly.


In Week 3 A-Wall was mentored by John Rich and performed Sexy Love by Ne-Yo.


Ali Brustofski

Age: 18 Hometown: Oakland, NJ

Ali recently graduated from high school. She writes her own original songs and is also considered an online sensation with her YouTube videos getting millions of views for her cover song videos.  Ali has a publishing deal for her original song “Rewind” which has been played on “iCarly” and “The Kid’s Choice Awards”. 


In Week 3 Ali was mentored by Gloria Estefan and performed When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus.


Frankie Z

Age: 22 Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Frankie was in the unsigned boy band “Wow” when he was 18.  He considers himself to be more of an entertainer than a singer because he dances when he performs.  He’s opened for artists such as Flo Rida, Sean Kingston and One Direction.


In Week 3 Frankie was mentored by Joe Jonas and performed In My Head by Jason Derulo.