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Wisconsin Cricket Lifeline Credit

What is the Cricket Lifeline Credit?

Lifeline is a government assistance program that grants eligible individuals a credit each month on their phone bill. Millions of Americans benefit from this credit. Eligible customers may receive the Lifeline credit for landline or wireless service, but the credit is only available for one phone line per household. Cricket now offers a $10.00 Cricket Lifeline Credit to our Wisconsin Cricket Wireless customers; the Cricket Lifeline Credit is not available for Cricket Broadband or Cricket PAYGo service.


Who qualifies for the Cricket Lifeline Credit?

If you are a resident of Wisconsin, you may qualify for the Cricket Lifeline Credit by one of two methods. Method 1 is state program-based; if you or another person in your household is enrolled in at least one of the state public assistance programs listed below, you may qualify. Method 2 is federal program-based or income-based; if you or another person in your household is enrolled in at least one of the federal public assistance programs listed below or if your household’s total annual gross income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you may qualify. You will be required to provide documentation verifying your participation in one of the federal eligible programs or your household income if you are applying under Method 2.



  • Badger Care
  • LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance) 
  • Medicaid Medical Assistance
  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; Food Stamps)
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income, not including Security Retirement benefits)
  • WI Homestead Tax Credit (Schedule H)*
  • Wisconsin Works (W2)


Federal Programs:

  • NSLP (National School Lunch Program; Free Lunch Program Only)
  • Section 8 (Federal Public Housing Assistance) 
  • TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) 

Income Guidelines:

  • One Person Household: $15,755
  • Two Person Household: $21,236
  • Three Person Household: $26,717 
  • Four Person Household: $32,198
  • Five Person Household: $37,679
  • Six Person Household: $43,160
  • Seven Person Household: $48,641
  • Eight Person Household: $54,122
  • More Than Eight Person Household: $54,122 plus $5,481 for each additional household member 


* If you designate enrollment in ONLY the WI Homestead Tax Credit program, you will need to fill out a Wisconsin Department of Revenue consent form in addition to your application (available in stores or by clicking the Download More Information link at the bottom of this page). If you select this program in addition to other programs, the consent form is not needed.


How do I apply?

If you don’t have Cricket Wireless service already, you must activate a new account before you can apply for the Cricket Lifeline Credit. Once you have Cricket Wireless service, you can apply for the Cricket Lifeline Credit at a Cricket Corporate-owned Store or an Exclusive Cricket Dealer. If you are applying through Method 1 (state program-based), just complete and sign the Cricket Lifeline Credit application (available in stores), and show a government-issued photo ID. If you are applying through Method 2 (federal program-based or income-based), just complete and sign the Cricket Lifeline Credit application, provide documentation verifying your eligibility (benefit card, letter from federal agency that administers qualifying program, 3 months of consecutive pay stubs within the previous 12 months, last year’s income tax return, employer’s W-2 form, etc.), and show a government-issued photo ID.


How does it work?

If you apply under Method 1, you will receive a pre-Lifeline credit while we verify your eligibility in your state's database. After we verify your eligibility, we'll notify you with a text message if you have been approved or denied for the Cricket Lifeline Credit. If you are approved for the Cricket Lifeline Credit, we'll add the credit to your account. If you apply under Method 2, we'll verify your eligibility and add the Cricket Lifeline Credit to your account while you are in the store. Each year, you will be asked to confirm your continued eligibility. That's it! 


What does the Cricket Lifeline Credit mean for me?

When you take advantage of the Cricket Lifeline Credit, Cricket service delivers even more value for the dollar. Step-up to a higher-value rate plan, add a feature you’ve always wanted, or just enjoy the savings each month!


Are there any restrictions?

You must be a resident of Wisconsin to receive this credit. Only eligible consumers may enroll and the service is non-transferable. You must be the head of household and no one at your residence can receive land or wireless Lifeline service from another provider. Lifeline can only be applied to ONE PHONE LINE PER HOUSEHOLD, and the name on the account must match the name of the person submitting the application. To receive the Cricket Lifeline Credit, you must live in Cricket’s designated service area, must meet Wisconsin’s qualifications, and must verify your qualification annually.


Where can I learn more?

You can visit one of the Cricket locations listed or visit to find a Cricket Corporate-Owned Store or an Exclusive Cricket Dealer near you. 

Milwaukee: 5444 W. Fond Du Lac Avenue, 53216 

Milwaukee: 8311 W. Brown Deer Road, 53225 

Milwaukee: 745 S. Layton Avenue, 53215



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