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Welcome Pocket Customers!

In July, 2011, all former Pocket customers were migrated to the Cricket billing system. Below are important FAQ related to this migration. Those customers impacted must visit a Cricket store as soon as possible for a free phone flash to upgrade their phone with important functionality.


IMPORTANT – Customers must flash their handset before August 8th, or certain functions may be lost.


In November, 2010, we began transitioning Pocket stores in South Texas to Cricket stores. At this time, we invite you to visit a Cricket store and see the wide range of Cricket products, including the Huawei Ascend II Android smartphone , the LG Optimus smartphone, the BlackBerry Curve, and the revolutionary MUVE Music handset that gives you unlimited music downloads.  These - and much more – are all available on Cricket’s nationwide 3G network. We are very excited about our device lineup, our network, and our all-inclusive true rate plans.


I know I speak for the entire Cricket family when I say that we look forward to earning your trust and your business.  We have a great team in South Texas, to serve your needs. And it’s about giving you, our customers, the products, the value, the network, and most importantly, the respect you deserve.


Welcome to Cricket and welcome to the future of wireless.


Doug Hutcheson, CEO


Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the transition of Pocket to Cricket. Still need more information, click "Download More Information" to review the customer brochure or visit any location to talk to one of our store representatives or call 1-800-CRICKET.


Pocket to Cricket Auto Migration Customer FAQs

1. When will my service move from being billed by Pocket to being billed by Cricket?
The tentative date of billing migration for Pocket customers is late evening on July 16th. 


2. What will happen to my rate plan?
Most rate plans will stay the same. To experience the full features of your rate plan on your phone, you must visit a Cricket store for a free phone flash.


3. Will my auto bill pay continue to apply?

 AutoPay will roll over automatically to Automatic Bill Pay with the Pocket to Cricket billing migration.

4. What will happen to my online MyAccount?
To continue to use the convenient self-service features of your online account, you will need to re-register for MyAccount at

5. What will happen to my voicemail account?
You will receive a new voicemail account with the Cricket billing system.  You must dial *99 to set up your new voicemail.

6. What will happen to my stored text messages?
Text messages stored on your phone will stay as long as you keep them.

7. Will my 250/500 minute roaming plan stay the same?
Post billing migration you will have access to Cricket’s Nationwide Talk and Text coverage, as well as an additional 100 minutes of roaming.  Please visit for specific information about our coverage.

8. Will my 100 “Anywhere” minutes to Mexico (including landline & mobile) stay the same?

9. Will my 200 “Anywhere” minutes to Mexico (including landline & mobile) stay the same?

10. What will happen to my BREW applications?
BREW applications downloaded to your phone will not be affected.  BREW applications that are housed or run on the network will be discontinued. 

11. What will happen to my Phone Replacement Program?
Your phone replacement program will remain the same, as long as you keep the same phone.  If you purchase a new Cricket phone, you will have different terms through our Phone Replacement Program provider, Assurant.

12. How can I ensure that I am not charged taxes for my Cricket service since my account is for my tax exempt organization?
Please bring your Texas certificate of tax exempt status into any Cricket Corporate store and we will ensure your exemptions are accurately set up on your account.

13. Will I still have a rolling bill cycle?
Customers currently on the Pocket billing system experience a rolling bill cycle.  For example: If a customer has a bill cycle date of 4/10 and does not pay his/her bill until 4/21, the new bill cycle date will be 21st, and payment will be good through 5/20.

Customers on the Cricket billing system have a static bill cycle date.  For example: If a customer has a bill cycle date of 4/10 and does not pay his/her bill until 4/21, the bill cycle date would remain on the 10th.  Customer would still be responsible for 4/10 - 5/9.  Payment for 5/10 - 6/9 would still be due on or before the normal bill cycle date.

14. What will happen to the funds in my Value Pocket account?
Value Pocket funds will be applied to your Cricket Flex Bucket, which is the equivalent of a Value Pocket account.          


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