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The Top 5 Things I saw at SXSW from our Hip Hop Muve Correspondent

As part of our Muve Correspondents role for 2013, they got to attend SXSW with us. Below are details from their trip in their own words.


Top 5 SXSW Things 

From Muve Correspondent Megan Wolford

You mix colored hair with gold teeth, 808's, 10+ wristbands, great food and there you have South by Southwest, straight out of the "Live Music Capital of the World," Austin, Texas.  Walking down 6th Street, the nucleus of this musical circus, you will see your favorite rapper toasting with your favorite Tumblr girl, aspiring artists are handing out CDs like Halloween candy, while a werewolf plays the violin. The first thing you will start to notice is how bad your feet hurt but free drinks, swag and music blasting from practically anywhere with an electrical outlet will quickly cloud your mind and remind you that you are in Wonderland. Austin's entire downtown morphs into musical funhouse for 5 days where anything is possible if you have the right ambition, RSVP…and shoes.


My Top 5 Moments from my trip are below:


1. iLLMORE - The iLLMORE Mansion Party thrown by iLLROOTS is the ULTIMATE SXSW event. You never know who will pop up beside you while you're so focused on screaming every word to "Juicy" or "Return of the Mack." I bankhead bounced with Kid Cudi, I mean come on!  The quest for entry gets real when you have a dance off in the middle street or whatever random act of weirdness the wristband posse musters up. A location is tweeted and it’s up to you to fight to the death for a band. I got lucky by knowing the right people, and lo and behold, my wrist was adorned by a bright red band. iLLMORE reminds you of one of those music videos where the artist throws a party and you see nearly 50 cameos of your faces, something like Biggie's “One More Chance” or Jamie Foxx's “Blame It On The Alcohol.” I really could not believe I was in this party! I was vibing less than 2 feet from Solange, Big Sean, Trinidad James, Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar and many more all night. You cannot beat a night of free partying with your favorite artists!



2. Muve Music Lounge - At some point in your day, you just need to sit down and regroup, what better way than to walk into the Muve Music Lounge and kick it with A$AP Mob? One of the best things about SXSW is seeing celebrities in their natural element; they just want to have a great time like us. I have been around the Mob a few times and all of the members I’ve had pleasure of meeting are extremely nice.


3. Weirdness - "Keep Austin Weird" is a slogan you'll see on tie-dyed tees and hoodies in almost every mom and pop shop of the city. On my trip, I saw a man in nothing but a speedo, cape, sunglasses and a top hat, three professional hula hoopers, a man juggling instruments and dogs in sunglasses. The eccentricity of this city is admirable and it definitely adds to your SXSW experience…and Instagram account!


4. Flooding Music - At some point, let's say around mid February, you start seeing tweets and receiving emails to RSVP to a week full of showcases and parties. Once you've mapped out your RSVP's, it’s time to hit the metropolis of music, but as you're perusing you'll start seeing "NO RSVP [BAND] NEEDED" or by now you've linked up with "somebody who knows somebody that can get you in." All of downtown was blaring with rock, pop, indie, electro, and of course hip-hop. I fell into so many random shows, chatted with some of the artists and got hip to new acts. One of the best things about SXSW is the discovery of new music; by the end of my trip I had accumulated an entire road trip soundtrack.


5. Networking - Networking is almost unavoidable at SXSW. Music connects us all so cohesively that you really cannot escape linking with like minded individuals. I met some really great people, artists and industry professionals of which we can both benefit from the connection. Meeting new people in general is one of the greatest things about this trip; I’m looking forward to new friends and experiences!


This trip was nothing short of amazing and I cannot wait to do it all again!

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