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Save $5/month with Automatic Bill Pay!

Limited Time Offer! When you sign up for Cricket's Automatic Bill Payment service you will get $5 off your monthly bill! Saving $5/month has never been easier!


What is Automatic Bill Pay?

With Automatic Bill Pay* your monthly bill is automatically paid using the designated credit card, debit card, or bank account on file. Never pay your bill late again!


How do I sign up for Auto Bill Pay and get the $5 credit?


New customers:

-Sign up in store: When you sign up for Cricket service in a store simply tell the cashier that you want to sign up for Auto Bill Pay. After you are signed up you will see the $5 discount on your next bill.


-Sign up on When you get to the payment page during your online purchase simply check the box that says "Yes, sign me up for automatic bill pay!"After you are signed up you will see the $5 discount on your next bill.


Existing Cricket customers:

-Sign up on your phone: Dial *PAY (*729) from your Cricket phone or visit the mobile web on your phone to sign up.


-Sign up on Log into your My Account and select the Automatic Bill Pay link on the right side of the screen. Fill out the form with your payment information and submit! It's that easy!


I enrolled in Auto Bill Pay a long time ago; can I get the credit?

Absolutely! However existing Auto Bill Pay customers will not automatically receive the credit. You will need to un-enroll and re-enroll in order to get the credit on your next bill.


I already have another monthly credit. Can I still sign up for Auto Bill Pay and get this credit?

Absolutely! The $5 Auto Bill Pay credit can be applied to you account even if you already receive credits or discounts (e.g. Lifeline Credit), so save additional money and sign up now!


Will I get the $5 credit immediately upon enrolling in Auto Bill Pay?

The credit will automatically be added to your next bill. If you are an existing customer and your bill has already been sent to you for the upcoming month you may not receive the $5 credit until your next bill is sent to you.


*Automatic Bill Pay is not available to PAYGo customers at this time.

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