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Pledge to Practice Safe Text

Safe Text

Why is the new law so important?

It's important because texting while driving is dangerous!


Cricket wants to save lives!

Car crashes are the #1 killer of teens. Cricket of Nevada wants to help teens keep their eyes on the road and their thumbs on the wheel!


Practice Safe Text Campaign

Cricket of Nevada is launching the “Safe Text and Drive” for Teen Driver Safety Week, Oct. 17 – 22, in conjunction with the Transportation Research Center at UNLV. As part of the awareness campaign, several Southern Nevada high schools will have an opportunity to host a simulator that demonstrates the distracting effects of using a handheld device while driving.  The simulator has real–time driving scenarios and will calculate the reaction time of the driver when they use their cell phone.


Cricket will provide demonstrations throughout the month of October, with the concentration being at Southern Nevada high schools to educate new student drivers on practicing safe driving habits.


Teen Driver Safety Week – Simulator Schedule








Monday, October 17

7AM - 1:30PM

Desert Oasis HS

6600 W. Erie Ave., Las Vegas

Tuesday, October 18

7AM - 1:30PM

Foothill HS

800 College Dr., Henderson

Wednesday, October 19

7AM - 1:30PM

Las Vegas HS

6500 E. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas

Thursday, October 20

7AM - 11AM

Cimarron Memorial HS

2301 N. Tenaya Way, Las Vegas

Friday, October 21

7AM - 1:30PM

Centennial HS

10200 Centennial Pkwy, Las Vegas

The new Nevada ban on the use of hand-held cell phones while driving went into effect October 1, 2011, Cricket's “Safe Text and Drive,” promotes the community to take a pledge to practice safe driving while behind the wheel. The ban on handheld devices turns into law on January 1, 2012.


Cricket will offer discounts on accessories and devices to help the community hold true to their pledge. Each visitor is encouraged to take a ride in the simulator and then take the pledge of safe communications. 


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