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Muve Music now available in Nashville

unlimited music downloads and wireless features for only $55/mo.


Cricket has once again made history by becoming the first U.S. carrier to offer unlimited music

downloads as part of a monthly wireless rate plan.


Starting Feb. 7, Muve Music will be available across Nashville and its surrounding communities. Music City is one of 12 markets to launch the new, ground-breaking service.


Muve Music, the first music experience designed specifically for mobile phones, gives customers unlimited full track, ringtone and ringback tone downloads to their phones. There are millions of tracks to choose from, including today’s biggest hits and the greatest songs of all-time.


Muve Music is included in Cricket’s $55 plan, along with unlimited nationwide talk and

text, long distance, e-mail, Web access and additional features. Best of all, there are no extra fees for song downloads.


Muve Music is featured on the new Samsung Suede, a touch screen cell phone. Users search for songs by artist, title or album. Once a song is selected, it is downloaded within seconds over Cricket’s 3G network to available memory on the phone or memory card. The downloaded song can be played back in its entirety or be used as a ringtone or ringback tone.


Tracks are encoded using a new Dolby PCM codec, which allows for small file sizes, quick downloads and better sound quality than MP3s with the same bit rate. The Suede comes with 1 GB of free memory, which can store approximately 3,000 tracks.


Muve Music service can be accessed wherever Cricket service is available. Saved music can be played anywhere regardless of signal strength.


Additional memory cards are available for customers, along with accessories such as earbuds, headphones, speakers or cell phone docks.


For more information about Muve Music, visit the Cricket store nearest you!

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