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Make Free Phone Calls to Friends and Family in Japan and Text to Donate Towards Relief Efforts

Now through midnight Eastern Daylight Time on Tues., March 29th, all Cricket voice-plan customers can make unlimited calls for free to Japan to check in with friends and family following last week’s major earthquake and tsunami.


In addition to providing free calling to Japan, Cricket is also participating in several text message donation programs in order to provide its customers with the ability to make a donation to help those affected by the earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear explosions.  These programs allow Cricket customers with text messaging capabilities to make a $10 donation directly from their phone by texting a key word to a specified short code (see below for supported initiatives).  Donations will be debited from the customer’s prepaid Flex Bucket or Cricket PayGo account.


Organization: American Red Cross Relief


Short Code: 90999


Organization: World Relief Corp. of National Association of Evangelicals

Keyword: WAVE

Short Code: 50555


Organization: Convoy of Hope


Short Code: 50555


Organization: Global Giving

Keyword: JAPAN

Short Code: 50555


To donate any dollar amount of their choice and/or find out more about the charitable efforts of the above organizations, you may contact the following:

For more information about Cricket, please visit

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