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Latinaish talks about Cricket's Local Number

Tracy from Latinaish had a chance to get a sneak peek at Cricket's Global Local Number before it launched last month. To keep in touch with her family in El Salvador, Tracy received a local San Salvador phone number to share with her loved ones there. For the cost of a local call, her friends in San Salvador could call Tracy, and her cell phone would ring here in the U.S. - no calling cards required!


As Tracy writes in her post, "Regardless of our friends’ reluctance to use Global Local Number, when they did call – we all loved it. The conversation came through loud and clear. Not once did we get the tunnel or echo effect you get with some international calls, and it was nice not to mess with phone cards."


Read Tracy's complete story here.


For more information on Cricket's Global Local Number, visit this site for availability and details.

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