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Important Notice for Pocket Customers

June 1, 2011






Dear Pocket Insurance Subscriber,


Effective July 16, 2011, the coverage you currently have with eSecuritel will end but you will continue to have coverage with Assurant Solutions. eSecuritel will no longer be accepting claims regarding your wireless handset and accessories, for losses occurring after July 16, 2011.  For losses occurring after July 16, 2011 you will need to file a claim with Assurant Solutions.  You will have uninterrupted protection for the wireless handset associated with your subscription, subject to the terms and conditions of the eSecuritel Pocket Handset Protection Program until this date. 


For incidents with your wireless handset prior to July 16, 2011, you can file a claim by contacting eSecuritel at 800-993-4563. eSecuritel will issue a claim number and direct you to a local Cricket  store where you can pay your processing fee and pick up your replacement handset before September 17, 2011. eSecuritel’s claim center will be available from 7am CST to 8pm CST, Monday through Saturday and from 11am CST to 8pm CST on Sunday, for Handset Protection Program support and claims filing.


To file a claim for an incident that occurs on or after July 16, 2011: Please contact Assurant Solutions at 1-866-217-5787 or go to We recommend that you write this telephone number down and take note of the web address for future reference.

After July 16th, under the Handset Protection Program, your monthly premium will remain $5.00. However, your deductible may increase based on your device’s type and model number. Please refer to the chart below for your device’s deductible. Your continued payment for the Handset Protection Program will constitute your acceptance of these changes. If you have any questions regarding your coverage, including whether the deductible for your device may increase, please call Cricket at 800-CRICKET


A copy of your new policy is being sent to you via a separate letter.  Please review it upon your receipt. Insurance is not a mandatory feature; if you wish to cancel your coverage you may do so by calling Pocket at 800-781-1985 before July 16th or Cricket at 800-CRICKET thereafter. 


We extend our gratitude to you for your business.


Jennifer Taylor                                                          Cheré Heintzmann

eSecuritel Customer Experience Team               VP Cricket – Texas Markets





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