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Have an Extra Cricket Phone Lying Around?

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At Cricket Wireless we are all about bringing the best value to our customers.  Sometimes, a great value may go unnoticed in a desk drawer.  Cricket has multiple ways that you or someone else can cash-in on that old phone:


  • Add the extra phone as an additional line of service on your active Cricket account.  Pay a low activation fee of $20 for a feature phone or $30 for a smartphone and you’ll get the first month of service for FREE.   PLUS, additional lines can receive Cricket’s ongoing Family Plan Discount so you’ll be getting an even better value every month. 
  • Refer a friend or family member to Cricket and give them the old phone.  Why?  With our referral program, you can receive a $25 service credit on your account when they become a Cricket customer.  All they need to do is mention the referral program and provide your Cricket phone number at the time of activation.  



Read the following FAQ’s, and if you still have questions about reactivating a phone, feel free to visit a Cricket store or call our friendly Cricket Customer Service department at 1-800-Cricket.






Q.  What monthly discount is available when I have multiple lines of service?

A.  With Cricket’s Family Plan you’ll save $5/line, OR save $10/line when you also sign up for automatic bill payments using a credit card, debit card, or bank account.  


Q.  A friend gave me his old Cricket phone; can I use that phone when I set up a new Cricket account?

A.  Yes.  Bring the phone into a Cricket store to activate your account.


Q.  I cancelled my Cricket service a few months ago.  If I come back to Cricket, can I still use my old Cricket phone?

A.  Yes.  If the phone is still in good working order, simply visit a Cricket store to activate your account.  Then, if you decide to buy a new phone, you can keep your phone number, give someone else your old phone and benefit from our referral promotion discount. 


Q.  Will I still get the Lifeline credit if I open a Cricket account with a used phone?

A.  The Lifeline credit is a government sponsored program that is not tied to a device.   So, if you qualify for the Lifeline credit, you will get the Lifeline discount regardless of how old (or new) your phone is.


Q.  I received a postcard from Cricket saying if I come back, I’ll get the first month free.  Is the offer still good if I use my old Cricket phone?

A.  From time to time Cricket will offer time-sensitive promotions to our valued customers, and many of them are valid when reactivating a used Cricket device.  Please call 1-800-Cricket or bring the postcard along with your Cricket phone to your nearest store to see if the offer is still valid.



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