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On Friday, October 8th, 150 volunteers from the Cricket Denver team made some much-needed improvements to two houses in the Westwood neighborhood of Denver.  Cricket volunteers also built composting bins, and weeded & harvested vegetables in the Kepner Middle School community garden project.


Another landscaping project the Denver volunteer teams took part in was the beautification initiative for the Southwest Improvement Council’s exterior landscaping.  The community had been unable to care for their grass medians, as the funds set aside for irrigation had to be used to feed the ever-growing needs of the area’s residents.  By creating a Xeriscaped project, Cricket was able to reduce water consumption by 95% over the previous watering system.


Lastly, Cricket volunteers and community members filled in a paint-by-numbers mural designed by local artist, Renick Stevenson.  Designed to discourage graffiti in the area and instill pride and involvement by the local residents, the 8x40-foot mural was completed in nearly one day.


The Cricket Denver volunteer team put in over 1,200 man hours of labor, moved more than 31 tons of landscaping material and used 39 gallons of paint in the course of 1 day to help show their respect for their home community.

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