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Denver Post Runs Full-Page Article on Cricket and Muve

Denver Post Article

Did you catch our full-page spread in the Dever Post Monday, March 19th? We were happy to invite our guest Andy Voung, Tech writer for the Denver Post, to visit our operational headquarters in Greenwood Village where he had a chance to tour the facilities and interview several members of the Muve Music product team.”


Excerpts from the two articles on the back page of the Denver Post’s TECH KNOW section:


“Last year, Cricket launched Muve Music, and all-you-can-eat music service tied to a subscriber’s monthly rate plan.  It was a bold move that, based on the service’s early success, may be copied by other carriers, analysts say.”


“It’s extra revenue, lower churn, and it also probably helps add subscribers,” said Bruce Robers, an analyst with Brigantine Advisors.  “I think other carriers would be interested in that as well.”


“All in all, Cricket appears to have a winner on its hands with Muve, which topped 500,000 subscribers a year after launching in January 2011.”


Quoting Melanie Wright who recently switched from T-Mobile to Cricket, “It’s one flat fee – you never have to worry about what your bill is going to be,” said Wright, who pays $43 a month for unlimited text and calling.  “With the other companies, you better itemize that sucker yourself and you better have your Excel spreadsheet open”

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