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Denver Business Journal Highlights New Cricket Stores!

In case you missed it, the Denver Business Journal published an article on Friday, August 10th regarding the exciting happenings at Cricket including the opening of the new Orchards corporate store in a Value Seeker neighborhood north of Denver.


Sue Knox, General Manager for the Colorado market, points out how RLVS customers “don’t want to give up their iPhone, but they don’t want to pay $150 a month for it”. 


The article also points out that “The array of smartphones behind the counters and store layout may bring to mind an Apple store, or shops for larger mobile carriers such as Verizon or AT&T, both of which have stores on the same block.”  Furthermore, the article explains how the new store location and layout allows Cricket to respond to “the growing number of traditional, suburban mobile phone customers are turning to cheaper pre-paid services to save of their monthly smartphone bill.”


Congratulations to Sue Knox and the Colorado team for another fantastic feature on Cricket’s expanding appeal!

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